How Do I Do Shadow Work?

Shadow Work is done by attending a group session (workshop) led by at least 2 qualified Shadow Work Facilitators or in a one-to-one coaching session with a qualified Shadow Work Coach.

The group sessions are mostly held in a residential retreat setting over a weekend. This is an in-depth experiential session where time is initially spent exploring, understanding and experiencing the principles of Shadow Work through presentations, group rounds, pair work, visualisations and small group exercises. After that, each participant has time to present and explore their individual issue through a facilitated process. During this process, we will look at what you want to have to happen, which parts of you are involved in this situation, the possible origin of the behaviour and how you can change it. You might be clear on what you want to get from doing Shadow Work and you might not. It is alright if you don’t know, before you come to a session or workshop, what it is you want to have to happen. Just knowing that you want to have something happen, is enough!

The one-to-one coaching sessions are usually in-person but can also be done online. These typically last a few hours. During such a session, we will start by exploring what you want to have to happen, how your history might have impacted the way you behave today and what is hindering you in reaching what you want. We will then begin to unpack the parts of you which are involved in this situation in order to understand more about how these parts relate to each other and to find a way to begin to change your behaviour in the light of knowing what you want. At the end, you will have time to integrate what has happened.

In Shadow Work, everything is held with the highest level of shame-free respect and confidentiality.