Further Reading

Here is a collection of further reading and resources relating to Shadow Work…


Practically Shameless: How Shadow Work Helped Me Find My Voice, My Path, and My Inner Gold, by Alyce Barry

A Little Book on the Human Shadow, by Robert Bly


How to train in Shadow Work in Europe: if you’re interested in learning to use the Shadow Work facilitation tools or becoming a certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator or Coach.

Information about Shadow Work workshops and training in Germany.

Information about Shadow Work workshops, coaching and training in France, Belgium and Switzerland

Information about Shadow Work seminars, coaching and training in Russia.

Information about Shadow Work in the UK with John and Nicola Kurk.

The North American Shadow Work website offering further in-depth information on Shadow Work itself plus details of workshops and training courses in North America.

A powerful personal development programme for women in the UK and France, Women in Power.

The New Warrior Training Adventure, a powerful personal development training for men.




Sunday Times Article: Shadow Work is a gratifying way of getting rid of all your pent-up anger, Just take it out on a helpless toy!, by Karen Krizanovich

An interview with John Kurk, a Shadow Work mentor, trainer, facilitator and coach, with Alyce Barry

Connie Zweig talks about Shadow Work: https://conniezweig.com/about-shadow-work/


Trésors de l’ombre par Miriam Gablier https://inexplore.inrees.com/articles/tresors-ombre-shadow-work