A propos du Travail de l’Ombre

Shadow Work is a way to bring your true self out of shadow and into the light.

Shadow Work provides a safe and supportive environment in which we are encouraged to explore and evolve ourselves safely and purposefully: it allows us to explore and transform the parts of ourselves we want to change. Our coaches and facilitators are trained to provide a safe, compassionate and understanding environment, using facilitated experiences and processes, through which we can all explore and change almost any behaviour pattern.

Shadow Work is based on a unique synthesis of powerful tools created and developed by its founders, Cliff Barry, Mary Ellen Blandford-Whalen, Erva Baden and Dimitri Bilgere. It uses a four-directional « map of the unconscious mind » to explore our inner landscapes that can help us to identify and begin to work with our ‘shadows’.  Shadow Work also provides a safe and effective way to discover our hidden Gold!

Many of us have been hurt in the past and have (very sensibly) tried to hide certain parts of ourselves from those around us so that we don’t get hurt again; when these parts become hidden from us they literally ‘go into shadow’. Shadow Work provides a place to face the hidden parts of ourselves so that we can start to live our lives more fully by loving and accepting every part of ourselves.