William Devine

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One-to-One Coach


William is a certified Shadow Work Coach, Psychotherapist, Organisational Consultant and Executive Coach.

William draws on over twenty years of experience as a psychotherapist, coach and consultant working with individuals, couples and organisations helping them to care and support each other to challenge one another, to learn, grow and develop and recover from the impact of traumatic events.

William leads teams and interventions to help organisations and communities in the world to recover from major traumatic events, holding them on their journey from the immediate aftermath to recovery, restoring connections, a renewed sense of purpose and resilience. Unresolved trauma is often carried in the collective mind and body which can remain hidden or denied having wide-ranging negative ripple effects within and beyond the organisation. The inclusive, compassionate, trauma-informed approach practised by William and his team brings the impact to awareness, provides practical information, psycho-education, support and reduces the risk of trauma being passed on, unnecessarily, to families, communities or future generations or other stakeholders.

William practices as a Shadow Work Coach because of the creative and powerful blend that the coaching and therapeutic approach creates alongside the space, the movement, the tools, and the shame lifting philosophy that Shadow Work

fosters bringing healing, growth and greater self-awareness.  William is able to bring the best himself in the service of his clients.

William’s Shadow Work Coaching clients report appreciation for the safe and containing space he facilitates which allows them to explore, take risks and uncover hidden parts of their selves in order to be visible, perhaps for the first time, so that

new possibilities in their sense of self, life and work can emerge and be integrated.

William takes Shadow Work Coaching into his work as an Executive Coach and Consultant with leaders and teams in business, government and not for profits in the UK and Internationally. 

“Shadow work has provided me the space and safe environment to express thoughts and feelings I have either held on to or not been able to access before. William’s kind, patient nature and his attention to detail helped me to move through some very difficult emotions and thoughts; enabling me to feel lighter and access a level of peace I have never experienced before. Although hard work, this is a very powerful process which has helped to release known and unknown aspects of myself and I would highly recommend it to anyone struggling to acknowledge different parts of themselves.”

SA – London

‘For me, the results were staggering;  the fabrics I had chosen provoked distinctive memories and feelings that I experienced at the time.  It was powerful and rather emotional as I gathered the pieces of myself together and realised that  they were still a part of me – not the person that I am today but the person that I have always been.  I had become so detached from my young self that I had disregarded that part of me as if it were a different person.   I felt sorry that I had let (her) go and making that connection was powerful. William was encouraging and told me repeatedly that my words were helpful which, in turn, helped me to articulate my journey though the different stages.  He gave me confidence that  my stories were not just trivial but they were meaningful and important and quotable!  It was intense, emotional and enlightening. It reawakened parts of me that were lying dormant and it proved to me that I must trust my instinct, trust  myself, my entire self, with no part left out.’

AM – London

‘I went into the Shadow Session feeling heavy, overwhelmed and generally life-exhausted. I was also anxious and self-conscious at the thought of exploring myself, role playing, putting myself ‘out there’ or whatever this session was going to demand of me. Add to that I was also late, stressed and fielding work calls on arrival. William recognized everything I was bringing in and just worked with the way I was. He worked with the negativity, exhaustion and fear I was feeling and slowly but surely turned the emotions on their head, leaving me in a space of lightness and self-loving clarity. I’m not sure how he did it, but the session was completely unique, responsive in the moment, and moved in step with how I  was feeling, which is testament to William’s talent. Ultimately the Shadow Work unlocked and opened up a valuable part of me that I continues to recognize and call on many months later.’ 

AM. Executive Creative Director at a Top 10 Global Advertising Agency, New York. 

Going through the process of Shadow Work Coaching with William really helped me focus on very difficult events in my childhood which have hampered me in my life and leadership.   I am so much more confident in my self and as a man, partner and lmanager. I now have greater understanding and compassion of those parts of me which just seemed to previously stand in my way. My emotions are so much more open and available in a way I am able to embrace as never before.’



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