Vera Bütow

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One-to-One Coach


For me, Shadow Work is a way to recognize, accept and transform learned patterns of behavior and long-suppressed feelings. It gives me a lot of pleasure to search for the gold together with my fellow human beings.For over 10 years I have been working as a mediator and conflict consultant in medium-sized companies.

The intensive examination of the methods of shadow work has strongly influenced my work and complemented it sensibly. Through Ayurvedic medicine, as part of a larger “cleansing” process, I came across Shadow Work with Marie-Francoise Rosat and started as a trainee. I did the training and qualified as a Shadow Work Coach in 2015 with great enthusiasm. since then, it has become a part of my life.

Since 2020 I have been working as a Certified Shadow Work Coach in Munich and accompany / co-facilitated workshops alongside/ with Marie-Francoise in my training as a Shadow Work® Group Facilitator.

“In my opinion, Shadow Work is the most effective way to understand, comprehend and accept one’s life in the long term. Why am I who I am? And above all, why is that a good thing?”

Client Testimonials

“I felt safe and secure during the coaching with Vera.”

“I particularly like her pragmatic way of explaining things and making them clear”

“I would put myself back in the hands of Vera at any time. Through coaching, I can now go my own way that I couldn’t see clearly before.”


Munich, Bavaria 80935, Germany



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In Person, Online (coaching only)

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+49 174 30 28 536