Tony Wilkinson

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Group Facilitator


Tony is a certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator based in London.

Tony began his journey into self-discovery through men’s groups and The ManKind Project in 2000, since then he has lead trainings and facilitated groups around the world. His personal mission statement is “to create a shame-free world of happiness and healing by freely giving and receiving unconditional love”. Coming from a divorced family with a largely absent father Tony has enjoyed being a huge part of his own 3 children’s upbringing.

Tony’s background is in theatre and after many years of working out his own demons through performance, he found a greater understanding of himself by beginning to uncover the golden parts of himself long-held in shadow.

Tony enjoys working with many varied groups and individuals and also teaching some of the skills that he has been honing over the last 22+ years and is currently in training to become a Transpersonal Integrative Counsellor.


London, England TW1 3SX, United Kingdom



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