Tom Daniel

Practitioner Type

One-to-One Coach


Tom is a certified Shadow Work coach based in Dorset.  Tom’s background is 20 years in management consultancy (specialising in transformation delivery and P3M across industries and around the world). He is also a trainer and personal development and leadership coach and has an MBA from Cranfield Business School. Prior to that he was a major in the British Army, including as a peace keeper during the war in Bosnia.

Tom is a sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic coach who came to Shadow Work through the Mankind Project; he believes it to be the most authentic and powerful process for personal development available. When appropriate he is able to bring his first hand and ongoing experience of the challenges faced when leading large, diverse and, now often, dispersed teams in fast moving working environments.

Tom is married with two adult children. His personal interests include psychology, evolutionary biology, the countryside, boating and France. In his past he was a keen horseman and also jumped out of planes, scuba dived and competed internationally in obscure and dangerous sports.

Tom offers one-to-one coaching sessions in person in Dorset (albeit, under certain circumstance he is prepared to travel).

What clients have said:

“I came to the session with Tom wanting to understand myself better, what was driving me and what was holding me back from showing up as my true authentic self.  In the session I was able to see for the first time and with clarity, where my negative beliefs about myself were coming from and let go of them by physically manifesting them out of my life”.    Tim

“Tom is a sensitive, intuitive, and empathic coach.  Tom’s experience in the corporate world I live and work in helped him coach me to allow me to recognise and understand some of the negative dynamics I have frequently experienced when working under pressure with others individually and in teams.   This new recognition and understanding has given me real insight and strategies that I am already applying with noticeably different and positive results”.    Simon

“I was initially nervous about working with a male coach – but Tom had been recommended to me highly.  I need not have worried – Tom held a completely safe space for me for over three hours and, based on a number of ahah! moments, I have made significant positive steps regarding the challenges I came to him to explore….”    Claire


Chideock Hill, Chideock, England DT6 6FD, United Kingdom



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+44 (0)7917597075