Sascha Michel

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One-to-One Coach, Group Facilitator


I first experienced Shadow Work in 2011 while attending a Mankind Project New Warrior Training. I was deeply inspired and felt an immense strength and depth from the leaders and elders who facilitated that weekend. Up until that time, I had been yearning to find a modality for process work that could shift deeply held patterns, trauma and pain in a grounded, loving, and safe way. Since then, my journey has been one of continuous deepening and learning—through leadership in men’s groups, staffing men’s retreats, and my ongoing healing in shadow work®—all while honing the skills to hold and support others.

I am a certified one-to-one Shadow Work® coach, Shadow Work® Group Facilitator and I hold an MSc in Organisational Change and Strategy.  Over the past 15 years, I’ve been a founder and director of several fast-growing technology start-ups and I am curious about the potential of introducing Shadow Work® to the workplace.

On a personal note, my interests include music production, festivals, fitness, hiking, 5 rhythms, sound healing, kirtan, and yoga.

I currently reside with my partner and our son near the beautiful Ashdown Forest.

I can offer in-person one-to-one coaching sessions in Forest Row or in London and I also run regular group Shadow Work® weekends.

I got enough space to ‘bring up’ and fully express the various parts of me. I felt safe and supported – almost as if a bubble was created and space held for me in it. The work is very deep.

EL, Massage Therapist

It’s very powerful and profound experience. It helped me dig a bit deeper into my trauma and learn about my patterns and narrative which might be creating blocks in my life and holding me back. The session was led by me but guided skilfully. Nothing was imposed or pushed. I liked that it was an embodied experience – a living and breathing experience

RB, Yoga Teacher and Mother

I felt the session was self-paced. I could go as fast as I wanted and as deep as I wanted.

BE, Psychodynamic Therapist

A fabulously engaging and nurturing session that allowed long held emotions to surface appropriately and be given beautiful tender support to be expressed. This allowed the tending of old emotional wounds and shining a light on the potential for even deeper wellbeing to surface.

JL, Psychotherapist

You can visit my website for more information on shadow work coaching UK and group retreats.


London & Forest Row, England RH19 4AF, United Kingdom



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