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My first experience of some Shadow Work was in 2011 when I attended the MKP New Warrior Training Adventure. I was truly inspired by the leaders and elders who held that weekend. I had been yearning for some time to find a methodology for process work that could potentially shift long-lived patterns and beliefs in a grounded, deep, and safe way. This led me to explore the source of this work. I have been on a journey of exploration by furthering my own skills and development, through leadership in men’s groups, staffing men’s retreats and honing the tools of Shadow Work by certifying as a coach with John and Nicola Kurk.

I have spent the last 15 years as a founder and director of a number of fast-growing technology start-ups, and most recently as a trustee for a charity with a mission to make personal development easily accessible for all.

I hold an MSc in organisational change and strategy, with a particular interest in culture change, diversity and fostering high performing teams in early-stage start-ups. This evolved in my research dissertation “Building team effectiveness through psychometric profiling, a scientific reality?” into a curiousness about one day bringing Shadow Work into the workplace.

I currently live with my partner and my son, near the beautiful Ashdown Forest in West Sussex.


Morton Road , London & Forest Row, England RH19 4AF, United Kingdom



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