Roxy Grimshaw

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Group Facilitator


Roxy Grimshaw is a Certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator and Coach.

For the last 40+ years she has been passionate about inquiring into how human beings can live fuller and more fulfilled lives.

Having gained a sense of possibility and transformation from a wide range of different personal development trainings along the way, she found the Woman Within weekend in 1997 and later participated in Women In Power. When she first experienced Shadow Work, she knew that this was what she had been looking for, as it brought together so many models in such a clear and powerful way. She realised she’d been fascinated and hungry for alchemy — turning dross into gold — at a soul level. With Shadow Work she feels that she has found the Philosopher’s Stone, or at least the ingredients by which people who participate can make their individual philosopher’s stone.

She is passionate about effective clean communication, colour, adventure, and the Buddhist principles of kindness and compassion.


Freehold Terrace , Brighton, England BN2 4AN, United Kingdom



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