Roxy Grimshaw

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Group Facilitator


Roxy Grimshaw is a Certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator

For the last 40+ years  I have been passionate about inquiring into how human beings can live fuller and more fulfilled lives.

Having gained a sense of possibility and transformation from a wide range of different personal development trainings along the way, I found the Woman Within weekend in 1997 and later participated in Women In Power. When I first experienced Shadow Work, I knew that this was what I had been looking for, as it brought together so many models in such a clear and powerful way. I realised I’d been fascinated and hungry for alchemy — turning dross into gold — at a soul level. With Shadow Work I feel that I have have found the Philosopher’s Stone, or at least the ingredients by which people who participate can make their individual philosopher’s stone.

I am passionate about effective clean communication, adventure, colour, and the Buddhist principles of kindness and compassion.


Freehold Terrace, Brighton, England BN2 4AN, United Kingdom



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