Rebecca Kriese

Practitioner Type

One-to-One Coach


Rebecca’s passion to support people to transform their health and wellbeing brought her initially to the holistic field of Ayurvedic Medicine. In her search for more tools to both enhance her work with clients, and to support her own personal journey, she discovered and trained in Shadow Work. This work, together with her experiences from attending and staffing Women Within and Women in Power programmes, has had a deeply transformative impact on her life. It has also allowed her to parent her daughter with greater awareness and compassion.

In offering one-to-one Shadow Work coaching to others, Rebecca is repeatedly humbled to witness the courage with which people confront what is no longer working in their lives. As limiting beliefs, behaviours and coping strategies are brought to consciousness, acknowledged and addressed from new perspectives, the outcome is the freedom to live life from a more expressive, purposeful, powerful and joyful place. Rebecca feels honoured to work with people in this way and holds space with patience, sensitivity, willingness to challenge, compassion and humour.


Freehold Terrace, Brighton, England BN2 4AN, United Kingdom



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01273 500 492