Philippe Pesme

Practitioner Type

One-to-One Coach, Group Facilitator


Philippe helps people find their path to the full expression of the life they deeply aspire to.

Philippe discovered Shadow work at the ManKind Project, where he is actively involved to help other men to discover their inner path to more freedom, responsibility and growth.

He experienced growing tensions with his teenage boys but did not know why. Also, he realised that working was not enough to find joy in his life, and how his lack of joy was affecting his relations and activities. Shadow work enabled him to turn fights and distant relationships with his growing teenage sons into peaceful and supportive relationships. Shadow work helped him to do the same thing with his own inner boy, hence reconnecting with his inner source of playfulness.

Philippe sees a profound parallel with facilitating inner healing and social healing. Social healing is happening in organisations that take on their challenges by integrating the whole brains and guts of their whole team, even those in the team who look like opposing the progress of the team. The facilitating team helps them find the wisdom in the opposing postures and integrate it and as a result operate with more agility, creativity and lasting results. Philippe helps organisations transform their culture and governance to enable them to meet their challenges with their whole team.

Since 2004, Philippe has been helping leaders and business owners grow their team, their business and their leadership. He is also a Professional certified coach in the ICF (International Coach Federation).


Passage du Village, Ile-de-France 91370, France


English, French

In Person / Online

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+33 6 74 29 29 51