Nicola Kurk

Practitioner Type

One-to-One Coach, Group Facilitator, Trainer


Nicola is a One-to-One Coach, Group Facilitator, BFT, AFT, LT and CT Trainer and Mentor.

Nicola Kurk is internationally recognised for her expertise in Shadow Work. She has over 30 years of experience in the field of personal development, 18 of those in Shadow Work as a coach, group facilitator, trainer, mentor and educator.

Originally an artist, she brings sensitivity, creativity and intuition to her practice of Shadow Work and provides the emotional strength and security that makes it possible for clients to confront and heal core emotional wounds. People learn to trust themselves and the healing process itself and are enabled to engage fully in the lives they want to lead.

Nicola is known for her passion for life and sense of fun as well as her intuition and perceptiveness. She is in demand as a coach, working one-to-one with individuals and couples or small groups, and also as a group facilitator. She has travelled extensively to lead seminars, retreats and training sessions in the UK, Europe, Russia, Dubai and North America and has also taught facilitation and leadership skills to corporate clients, including PriceWaterhouseCoopers and GE Capital.

She is one of the co-founders of Women in Power, an initiation that unearths and honours buried aspects of the feminine soul and psyche and celebrates feminine rites of passage. She leads a community of women in the UK dedicated to making this work available in many different formats.

Highly regarded as a teacher of both the theory and practice of Shadow Work, Nicola has, in partnership with her husband John, introduced Shadow Work to many other countries. In particular, they have founded a flourishing community in Russia, where Shadow Work has achieved officially-recognised status within the Institute of Jungian Psychotherapy. Existing and would-be Shadow Work practitioners in many countries turn to Nicola for leadership, training and ongoing support and mentoring of their professional work.

Nicola is a great listener and helps me to understand, rather than teaching. She is patient, perceptive and doesn’t judge me — whatever we discuss. She also knows when to challenge me — without making me feel unsafe. I trust her completely to always have my best interests at heart. 

A.S., Project Manager

There was a place in my life where I kept getting stuck. The benefits of our sessions are ongoing, and have included developing an ability to work through the stuck place to a closer and much more loving relationship with my partner.

D.C., Acupuncturist and Therapist.

Nicola is an extremely intuitive and talented coach. She balances compassion with direction, and vulnerability with strength.

L.L.M., Lawyer.


WR12 7HB, United Kingdom



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In Person

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01386 858947