Mary Ann Clements

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One-to-One Coach


I’m Mary Ann (Yes, one word, no hyphen, no ‘e’!) and I have been a certified Shadow Work Coach for the past 9 years.

I work online and in person from South East London where I live with my husband and Son. One of the shadows for me in my life has been neglect of self and minimising of my gifts. Shadow work has helped me traced the personal and cultural roots of this and reclaim these parts.

In the spirit of a commitment not to minimise what I can offer please know that I have a range of additional skills & knowledge that support my approach to doing Shadow Work:

  • I have studied a 12 months course in ‘Gifted Psychology 101’ with Intergifted and am able work with those requiring extra depth to be held in the work they do with me
  • I have studied trauma informed coaching with Re-Bloom which has given me additional skills for supporting trauma when it shows up in coaching sessions
  • I am a Nia White Belt Practitioner & teach joyful movement practices to help us reconnect to the wisdom of our bodies
  • I am an Action Learning Facilitator and used to helping people identify their own knowing and the knowledge within in group settings
  • I also have ten years experience as a CEO myself and I am able to work with leaders who want to explore the shadows that hamper their leadership
  • I have two decades of experience in international development and other change making work and everything I do now is at the intersection of healing and social change including a focus on supporting the wellbeing of those engaged in work for change through ‘inner-work’ such as Shadow Work
  • One thing I love to do is to help people and organisations explore how the injustice we stand against in social change work shows up in us. Using Shadow Work as an approach to this can help to create more space for us all to be part of imagining a radically different future.
  • I also have a wealth of experience working on Anti-Racist practice in particularly in supporting white people to play their right sized role in change much of it through Healing Solidarity which I founded and Co-Lead.




London SE15, UK



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In Person, Online (coaching only)

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020 7193 4891