Mary Ann Clements

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One-to-One Coach


I am available to work in English and KiSwahili.

I have always been interested in what makes us who we are and initially trained as an anthropologist. My studies took me to Tanzania where I also began working with an NGO on mental health and development. Returning to the UK I led a charity myself for seven years before burnout in my work and the collapse of my marriage caused me to re-evaluate my life and work.

I discovered Shadow Work through the Women in Power community of which I am also a part. It has helped me to transform the way in which I experience my own life and understand my interactions with other people. It was the first thing I found that really made a difference for me and helped me overcome recurring depression and a feeling of disconnection and inadequacy. Because I found Shadow Work so powerful I have trained as a coach and added it to the toolkit of things I offer my clients.


London, England SW1, United Kingdom



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