Karen Ferberman

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Group Facilitator


have been active in personal development work for over 21 years, during which time I have held a number of significant leadership roles. My personal journey led me to Women in Power in 2008 where I first experienced Shadow Work™. It was life changing and I loved how the work I did effortlessly filtered through me very gently over a period of years.

In 2017 I began my journey to becoming a Shadow Work™ facilitator. I have facilitated many, many times over the last 6 and a half years, learning something new and exciting each time. I trod deliberately slowly, wanting to savour the learning and allow it to seep into my bones, just as my first Shadow Work™ process has done.

As a facilitator I bring with me a pragmatic yet deeply compassionate approach as well as my expertise in creating spaces which are safe enough and brave enough to do this work.


Stoughton Road , Leicester, England LE2 2EB, United Kingdom



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In Person

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07715 233894