Jono Condous

Practitioner Type

One-to-One Coach, Group Facilitator


Jono has worked with clients for 15 years using Ayurvedic medicine’s powerful tools for healing and transformation.

UPDATE-  a new clinic and Shadow Work ready space is being built as we speak. Set on the outskirts of Brighton this cabin will offer the confidentiality for day long SW sessions clients need to dive deep. In the meantime sessions online are still available.

During his MKP weekend in 2009 he had his first carpet work experience. He has since trained and brought Shadow Work to support his practice and deepen the client’s experience of connection between body, mind and emotions.

He has co-led A Band of Brothers weekends for several years and loves the mentoring and support in this beautiful community of men called to their duty in blessing the next generation.

Amongst a growing family, ABOB commitments and thriving practice, he is currently focused on his vision of a Sussex smallholding where dreams can take root.


Freehold Terrace, Brighton, England BN2 4AN, United Kingdom



In Person / Online

Online (coaching only)

Phone Number

07899 758 961