John Morrell

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One-to-One Coach, Group Facilitator, Trainer


John Morrell is a fully certified Shadow Work Group Facilitator, BFT Trainer, and Shadow Work Coach. He works in both English and German.
He has extensive experience and received training and certification in Shadow Work from master facilitators John and Nicola Kurk, Cliff Barry, and Dmitri Bilgere.
In 1996, John helped co-found ‘The New Warrior Training’ network in Germany, which eventually evolved into The Mankind Project Germany, a well-respected global organization for men.
John has also spent over 30 years working with people suffering from addiction, and is trained in the trauma work of David Berceli – Trauma Releasing Exercises, or TRE.

Throughout his Shadow Work career, John has worked with a diverse range of clients from varying backgrounds, gaining a deeper understanding of the deep-seated causes of seemingly unresolvable issues that he has encountered in Shadow Work, personal development and various spiritual practices. Specifically, he has identified shame and toxic shame as key factors that hinder healthy growth and genuine lasting development.
As a result, John has incorporated his understanding of shame into his present work with continuing development of his Understanding Shame workshops that address healing shame. He gratefully acknowledges Bret Lyon and Sheila Rubin from The Centre in Healing Shame in California, amongst others, for sharing their expertise and contributing to his ongoing growth and understanding in this area.

John is also a father, husband, an accomplished musician. He has performed extensively throughout Europe, and is also a recognized photographer.


2 Rathausstraße, Hesse 35447, Allemagne


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