Hannah Mae Dawson

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One-to-One Coach, Group Facilitator


Hannah Mae Dawson is a certified Shadow Work® Coach, Group Facilitator and one to one emotional release therapist. Based in Sussex with a multinational background she has 23 years’ working with mind and body health, and a unique insight into the impacts of birth and childhood imprints. A mother and keen community builder Hannah Mae lives in the country side where she runs a trauma informed practice and she sees clients individually, runs groups and holds workshops and events.  “How we perceive determines more than we can truly know, but thats not a fixed state, change is possible”.

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“The experience itself was epic, Hannah was totally present throughout. I felt incredibly held and safe to go deep into my process. The day was perfectly paced, it was a very deep and profoundly cathartic experience with many insights and personal shifts. I would highly recommended Hannah to anyone wishing to go deep into their ‘shadows’ for healing and resolution. “

Steven, who came to shadow work tentatively after trying multiple modalities that did not satisfy.

‘I have been actively into personal development in many forms for many, many years, and I have never felt as powerful results as after Hannahs work. Now six days since we did the work things are shifting incredibly into the direction I wished for. Hannah is incredible to work with. I felt completely safe throughout the whole process. I am Extremely grateful I chose to show up for Shadow work with Hannah. It is worth every minute and every penny.’


“I found the work to be really transformative. I’ve been on a high ever since. I feel like I have been carrying something for years and have just put it down. I feel lighter, I feel optimistic and I feel in control. Most of all I can feel! Thanks for facilitating this massive and paradoxically subtle change.”.

Steve Edwards

” I was supported by Hannah to bring the hidden parts of me into the light, and to understand what had been hidden / rejected and why. In doing so I was able to claim back the authenticity and sovereignty that I had been searching for for many years. The Shadow Work process also set the wheels in motion for the resolution of a family issue that I had been desperate to resolve. Thank you  for all of your care and presence, for staying with me until the very end, every step along the way I am so grateful and my life is richer and better because of this work.



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