Hannah Mae Dawson

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One-to-One Coach


I bring 14 years’ experience of working one-to-one with people through in-depth Mind and Body Release Therapies. With 7 years’ research and experience as a Birth Coach, Doula (supporting births) and facilitating group workshops, I’ve gained invaluable insight into the way our experiences of, birth, infancy and adolescence, impact our behaviour in our adult lives, from the subtle to the profound.

Shadow Work enables me to bring my skills and experience into one dynamic life-changing modality. Exploring our inner realm and hidden motivators can be enormously empowering, but it takes a certain courage. To facilitate this I offer deep intuitive presence, I meet my clients needs with strength, patience and loving compassion while bringing laughter and lightness into the experience. I get heartfelt satisfaction from supporting people in making effective lasting change by addressing and moving through their greatest fears or blind spots in their personal and proffessional lives. It is an honour to witness the resources people find to go for what they truly want in life, to discover their authentic and empowered self, and access their true inner and outward potential.
“Hannah has an incredible insight and a calming presence, which helped me to feel safe in accessing memories and emotions which I had avoided for many years. Hannah was thorough in ensuring I had closure and was able to move on and take back control of my life”.
Neal Allistone
“In her role as a Shadow Work Coach Hannah is like water – simultaneously immensely powerful and utterlygentle. I felt so safe with Hannah I was able to let go completely. She is able to remain fluid to whatever comes to the fore in a session, whilst never loosing sight of the over-arching intention. I have no idea how she does it – all I know is that I’m immensely grateful. She has really helped me clear head and heart before the birth of our first child, and I can’t wait to continue working together in the future”.
E. Elgar

“Thanks for working with me yesterday. I found the work to be really transformative. I’ve been on a high ever since. It’s not the high of being “out of it”, more the high of having completed something. I feel like I have been carrying something for years and have just put it down. I feel lighter, I feel optimistic and I feel in control. Most of all I can feel! Thanks for facilitating this massive and paradoxically subtle change.”.
Steve Edwards


17 The Avenue , Lewes, England BN7 1QS, United Kingdom



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