Greg Manning

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Group Facilitator


My journey into Shadow Work sprang from my relationship with my own authenticity. I disconnected from myself in order to survive my childhood wounds and then have spent my life reconnecting through various forms of healing work. Many of the techniques have been absorbed into my repertoire, including Shadow Work, to bring what worked for me to others.

In the formative years of my journey my studies and qualifications included predominantly practices of the mind and body –  nutrition, yoga teaching, personal fitness, qigong, NLP, and humanistic counselling. More recently I have developed my practices into more emotional, energetic and spiritual studies, including energy and shamanic healing, which I now teach, and Rebirthing Breathwork, offering retreats and courses which combine these holistically. I’ve been working full time devoted to helping people for 12 years.

Having tried out many different psychological models, Shadow Work has quickly become a strong favourite and now permeates all of my work. I have a passion for this work and am continuously in awe of the depth of liberation it can provide for myself and others. I find deep fulfilment in helping people discover hidden or suppressed aspects of themselves, learn to love, harness and alchemise the energy contained there to step more into their own fulfilment.




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