Geof Elvyhart

Practitioner Type

One-to-One Coach, Group Facilitator


I work as a one-to-one Shadow Work Coach and Group Facilitator.

Much of my adult life I have worked with people and the environment; through care work, Mind/Body/Spirit work, environmental management, group facilitation, mentoring and coaching. I started working in the mythopoetic movement in 2018 and was introduced to Shadow Work® through that work.

Although I have experience and knowledge of many philosophical, psychological, and spiritual models and practices I have found the Jungian Depth Psychology approach, particularly the use of Archetypes, Shadow and Myth, the most transformative for me personally.

Through this work I have found my purpose; to share my skills and wisdom and help others find their true brilliance and maturity and bring it to the world.

The aspects of Carl Jungs psychological model, particularly the Conscious, Personal Unconscious, Universal Unconscious, Archetypes and Shadow have been my areas of study and training for the past 10 years. Much of the coaching work I now undertake is based on using the 4 archetypes identified by Dr Robert Moore and Douglas Gillette (in the 1990’s) as being present in all people in cultures across the globe and through history.  I also use these archetypal models within my work as a Shadow Work® practitioner.

For me, this model of our internal psychology, is immensely powerful in understanding ourselves, our relationships, what we are capable of and how to reach our potential. However, you do not need to have any understanding of these concepts to work with me,  they are simply the map that I use to guide, support and coach you.


Waverley Rd, England CV31 2DF, United Kingdom



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In Person, Online (coaching only)

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07510 180397