Francis Watkins

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One-to-One Coach


I first encountered Shadow Work 13 years ago and unknowingly (at the time) set off on a journey of discovery, which I am still travelling. The first leg of my journey started with attending the first Mankind Project weekend in Scotland in 2010 and subsequently joining a men’s group, which has provided lasting support to me. I began the journey because of my own struggles with being a father to children reaching their teenage years and the strain that this put on my relationship with my partner. In these initial stages I found support and encouragement from other men who were exploring Shadow Work in more depth.

The next stage of my journey came when I found myself struggling further with family bereavement and long term illness and care for older family members. In response I sought out and experienced Shadow Work for myself and realised the potential that it had for me to both explore the roots of my shadows and ways for me to become more fully myself. Since then and particularly in the the last three years I have been training as Shadow Work coach, continuing to explore my own shadows and in the process discovering my own passion to share this journey with others.


Edinburgh, UK



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