Ashley Isaacs

Practitioner Type

One-to-One Coach


Hi, my name is Ashley

My sessions are a culmination of Shadow Work, Bodywork, Somatic Experiencing and Energy Work.

With the intention of completely resolving emotional issues, I have developed a new form of therapy that resolves emotional imbalances and health issues too.

From mild illness to chronic issues like auto-immune disorders and obesity.

Our emotional experience is inextricably linked to our physical health.

By reactivating the energetic connection between the heart and the mind and becoming fully present in the body, people can let go of all limiting beliefs and transform to a healthier new future self.

I have a passion to help people let go of their limiting beliefs and move towards a healthy happy future life that is full of joy, connection, love and freedom.

If you want to REALLY move forward and let go of core wounds, deep seated trauma or physical health issues, drop me a line.


94 High Street, England GU1 3HE, United Kingdom



In Person / Online

In Person, Online (coaching only)

Phone Number

+44 (0) 7983 07 0074