Alexandra Beeley

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One-to-One Coach


A sensitive, intuitive, and empathic coach, Alexandra’s heartfelt desire to support others’ flourishing has been a constant motivation throughout her career. She sees Shadow Work as a deeply dignifying, shame-free, and non-judgemental way of turning towards and embracing the truth of ourselves and our most challenging life experiences, with clarity and compassion. As a certified one-to-one Shadow Work Coach, Alexandra is regularly awed and humbled by what this level of holding makes possible, as people liberate themselves from long-held, painful patterns and are able to connect more fully to their own innate goodness, unique gifts, and personal power.
Alexandra began her career as a city solicitor, whilst studying applied existential philosophy part-time. In 2009, after completing a series of coaching and leadership programmes, she set up a tutoring and coaching business and has since pursued her passion for helping people to realise their potential by working one to one and in groups with many wonderful young people, training and mentoring tutors, creating workshops and courses, and coaching parents to bring greater awareness to their parenting by healing their inherited childhood wounds.
As part of her own healing journey, Alexandra has been blessed to experience firsthand the transformative power of Shadow Work through one-to-one coaching, group workshops, and initiations such as Woman Within and Women In Power, that honour and celebrate particular aspects of the feminine.
Other Qualifications:
Alexandra holds an MA in Jurisprudence from Oxford University, is a qualified solicitor, NLP Practitioner, and is pursuing an ICF accreditation as an Integral Development Coach. She is dedicated to her ongoing personal and professional development, is in regular supervision, and is currently studying the neurobiology of attachment and trauma.
Her personal interests include: psychology, dancing, writing, yoga, mysticism, and spending time in nature.
Alexandra offers one-to-one coaching sessions in person in South East London as well as online.


I was surprised by the extent to which my own childhood has impacted my parenting, despite my best efforts otherwise, and I am grateful for all the insights and especially the practical tools around co-regulation, which are giving me more freedom and patience in how I respond to my son. You are an immensely perceptive coach and your understanding of child development and the importance of a positive, affirming communication style, have been invaluable as we navigate this unfamiliar territory. I believe every parent could benefit from this kind of support.

SC, Parent

Your presence feels like warmth, openness, acceptance and welcome. Thank you for all the work you have done in your life to be able to work like this, create such profound safety and gentle, strong and purposeful bringing of all you can see. It really is love made manifest. 

LW, Global Head of HR, Coach

Alex held a compassionate, accepting and authentic space, and I was impressed with the expertise with which she guided the process, responding intuitively and very courageously. I was aware throughout the whole process of the depth of her compassion. I am already seeing the benefits of shadow work coaching in my life. I have more peace of mind and have learnt to be assertive when needed. I am accessing my feminine energy much more powerfully and I feel more comfortable to be an attractive woman rather than feeling the need to hide or run away from men. Most importantly, I no longer have the thought that men exist only to cause pain to women. 

EF, Operations Manager, Healer

Alexandra is so warm, so personal, really easy to open up to. She created such a safe, welcoming atmosphere and totally understood my situation. She was so eloquent in the way she got to the point with total kindness. From where we started, to where we got to, it was profound….things clicked for me and I felt immediately empowered to do something about my situation. I feel a total respect for her. 

MDM, Finance Director, Non-exec Chairwoman


Solway Road, London, England SE22 9BG, United Kingdom



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In Person, Online (coaching only)

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