In Shadow Work coaching — our word for Shadow Work one-to-one — it often happens that the person getting coached wants to hear from a part of themselves that's been hidden for many years. For example, if I'm coaching a woman who as a little girl wanted to be an artist but was dissuaded from pursuing art courses in college, she might want to explore what her artist personality is like. She can step into the role of her inner artist, where I can interview her and hear it speak about what it can offer to her in her life today. My sense of what happens is that the archetypal artist that dwells in the collective unconscious, and is therefore available to all of us, opens to her and reanimates that part of her.

I can say from my own experience of stepping into parts of myself that it feels like a lid has been taken off a box that's been closed for many years. It's very energising and has a remarkable impact on my life almost immediately.

For myself as a facilitator and coach, the collective unconscious also serves as a kind of back-up when I'm not sure how to respond in a certain situation. I picture myself opening a doorway in my mind, through which I send a request for guidance to the collective unconscious, which is my connection to the Divine, through the archetypes that are faces of the Divine.

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