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Everyone on this page is a certified Shadow Work Coach and have met the stringent education and certification requirements of Shadow Work Seminars Inc. Everyone listed here actively maintains their certification and engages in ongoing supervision of their work, thereby upholding the professional and ethical standards that make this group of people the gold standard in Shadow Work. 

Shadow Work Coaching certification requirements are: Completion of three residential week long intensive training programmes; apprenticing at Shadow Work group sessions: some years of extensive individual practice; a fully supervised delivery of multiple coaching sessions.

For more information please see Facilitator Trainings and our Shadow Work Practitioners Ethics

Digna Nelson

Location: Gothenburg, Sweden
Contact Details: +46 707 381752, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Qualifications: Certified one-to-one Shadow Work Coach

Digna Nelson is a certified Shadow Work coach working from her home in Gothenburg. She is commited to helping people find their true selves in a non-shaming, supportive environment.

Digna remains in awe of the Shadow Work process and the gifts it brings - how the coach must follow the client on their path and let go of their own agenda. She creates a calm, safe environment allowing the client to take the time and space needed to find their way to a better understanding. Shedding light and compassion on their life’s experiences and the choices they have made.

Digna is also involved with the Women in Power program, a life-changing initiation for women that brings forth personal qualities that have long been repressed or forgotten. She was initiated herself in 2008 and has continued to support this important work by staffing initiations every year since then.

Digna is a mother and a grandmother. She is also an artist where making time-consuming intricate designs in clay has become a form of mediation.

Based in Gothenburg for the last 30 years but raised in London, Digna is fluent in both Swedish and English. 

I felt in very good hands with Digna. She asked me to express what hopes I had for our session, and then stayed true to those throughout. She gave me a feeling of security, leading me through the process with a sure touch - while also obviously staying sensitive to what was developing, and ready to change course and/or respond to what I wanted to do. This gave me a sense of reassurance that I would not be taken somewhere where I felt more uncomfortable than I was prepared to be, and that nothing would be required of me beyond what I was happy to enter into. 

I appreciated the methodology that was used, which provoked many unexpected insights. I also appreciated the fact that the notes she had taken during our session were given to me at the end, as an aid to further reflection.

I would highly recommend Digna to anyone looking to deepen their personal journey and/or to confront particular issues. 


I found it really amazing to get in to this work with Digna. It's very comforting and feels safe and relaxed to get in to these deep landscapes with Digna who has the knowledge to guide you although not controlling you. She leads you in to the spine of the emotion and helps you to stay in the moment. 

She is a very giving person and has the gift of stepping back and opening up the space for you to enter.







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